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2 engineers in construction

The Elements Surrounding Construction: More than Building

Construction projects can be highly complex and require a high degree of coordination and planning to succeed. According to the Construction Industry Institute, the average construction project experiences 57% of its total cost overruns in the final 10% of the project. This situation suggests that even the tiniest oversight or delay can significantly impact the

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How Getting Leadership from Outside an Industry Can Benefit a Company

It is never too early to think ahead and plan a leadership succession. After all, an effective succession plan makes a good impression on the consumers that the business has long-term viability. A study conducted by Deloitte University shows that 86 per cent of leaders think leadership succession planning is an “important” or “urgent” matter. However, only

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Modern Business Ideas for Newbie Entrepreneurs

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to close shop. But as economies start to reopen, more people began to explore the potentials of running their own business. Working for yourself has its own merits. Besides opening doors to additional income streams and money-making ventures, running your own business also allows you to choose an industry

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Children out camping

Three Essential Camping Tips

Camping is a great activity to do with your friends or the entire family. You get to enjoy peace and tranquility away from the bustling city. You experience the serenity and beauty of nature up close. It’s a cheap and easy trip to do over a weekend. Plus, you can learn and teach essential life

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