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Truck driving in the night

Before and During: Driving Safely at Night

Driving is one of the most convenient ways to go from one place to another. With all its advantages, you might think that you’re the king of the road, which shouldn’t be the case. You still have the responsibility to make sure that you’re not putting anybody — yourself, your passengers, and the pedestrians — in

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Group of girls in a road trip

Beyond Roads and Time: A Historical Road Trip Outside Manila

Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a rapidly developing cosmopolitan area that also holds centuries of Philippine history. It has been at the center of three different colonizing regimes (Spanish, American, and Imperial Japanese), making it increasingly popular as a tourist destination, especially among history buffs. However, like many developing cities, Manila struggles with

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classic car

Auto Inheritance: What To Do After Inheriting a Classic Car

When we talk about inheritance, we usually think about land, money, or a house, but rarely a classic car which is why a lot of people have no idea on what to when they inherit one, especially if they have no idea about its value, its make and model, or have little idea about cars

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Group of people at the back of a pick up truck having fun

Road Trip-Ready: Preparing You and Your Car for A Long Trip

Busses, trains, and airplanes have made it possible to avoid driving for several hours along the expansive highways of the country, and yet, nothing can compare to the experience of taking your car and your friends for a long road trip. As such, even with today’s transportation options, some people still prefer going on these

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