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Getting to and from Work Doesn’t Have to Be Soul-crushing

In 2016, the average commuting time in Singapore was more than 50 minutes. It shortened to 45 minutes as of 2019. Only a 5-minute difference was made in three years. How is this affecting the work-life balance of Singaporeans? Forty-five minutes of lining up, squeezing into crowded transport, and walking can be grueling. It’ll tire you

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3 Must-Dos to Make Moving Easier

Have you been thinking of moving for many months or even years now but the moment you begin planning, you get very overwhelmed? Don’t fret. Moving is challenging. There are so many considerations that have to be made that it sometimes feels like the whole ordeal might not be worth it. People plan to move

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Summer Fun: Glamping in the Time of Coronavirus

Summer is here, and yet most of the US remains unable to travel. Popular summer destinations like Florida and Texas see a spike in coronavirus cases that is preventing domestic tourists from visiting and enjoying the sites. Beach destinations like Hawaii impose a quarantine period of two weeks for most visitors; thus, discouraging tourists who

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Digital Detox: Finding a Better Balance Between Life and Tech

We are living in a digital age. Almost every aspect of our lives is dominated by technology, it’s almost impossible to not see a gadget or device nearby. We have our mobile phones with us all the time; every direction we turn to, we see a screen that’s connected online. We have access to the

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Greener Pastures: How to Relocate Your Business Effortlessly

Businesses have created countless diverse strategies throughout the years to suit their individual preferences and goals, but when it comes to location, they agree on one thing: that it is key to a company’s success. Despite the popularity of transactions happening solely online, businesses need to deliver some services and products in a place that’s

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How to Start Your Own Online Business

The thing about an online business is that you don’t need much capital to start, it is highly profitable, it is easy to manage, and the returns when marketed corrected are astounding. People who are looking to earn some extra cash should take a look into online businesses as a way to boost their income

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used cars

A Car Buyer’s Guide: Brand-New vs. Used

A car purchase is serious, primarily because for most people, a vehicle is their most significant single investment next to a house. With that in mind, it is essential to weigh your options properly. Before you visit the nearest auto or vehicle dealership, decide between buying a used car and a brand-new one. Here is

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Man handing over keys to new car

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Signing a Car Finance Deal

A car loan is arguably the worst debt you can ever acquire. Borrowing a ton of money to buy a steadily depreciating asset is either a lifestyle choice or an economic necessity, but it is rarely an investment decision. While owning such a liability is not entirely impractical, it usually depletes, not increases, your wealth.

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Interior of dining area in recreation vehicle

Why Get a Mobile Home

It has never been more difficult to own a home than it is today. With rent and land prices only going up, homes are getting smaller while also becoming more expensive. Hence, people are beginning to eschew traditional homes in the suburbs and turn to more practical and affordable options. One of these options is

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Truck driving in the night

Before and During: Driving Safely at Night

Driving is one of the most convenient ways to go from one place to another. With all its advantages, you might think that you’re the king of the road, which shouldn’t be the case. You still have the responsibility to make sure that you’re not putting anybody — yourself, your passengers, and the pedestrians — in

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